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Full Album – 2013

Christopher Libertino’s first full-length album is an art-rock travelogue, which was influenced by the work of pioneers like Peter Gabriel, Kate Bush, Thomas Dolby, David Bowie and Bryan Ferry. The album synthesizes the wide-screen cinematic sounds of his film writing with poetic lyrics and musical styles that include electronica, industrial, alternative and ambient. There are hints of African, Caribbean and Middle Eastern idioms as well.

"There’s a pleasing gentleness to Traveller that is refreshing in that it isn’t trying to be brash or limelight stealing. It’s just gently and quietly what it is. Every element of this production–sleeve design included–was done by Christopher himself and, production-wise, it almost feels like he’s been doing it in secret. It is an album of extreme subtlety." 

Nell McLeod, Sound On Sound Magazine