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I Was The Secret That I Kept

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  • Christopher Libertino album art
  • Christopher Libertino album art

Full Album – 2024

Christopher Libertino’s forty-year career in music began around the age of 15. He was gifted a Tascam Porta One – a relatively simple and inexpensive multi-track recorder – and thus began an obsession with song-writing, sonic experimentation and music production.

Six full albums were completed before he got a degree in music composition at Harvard. Over the next few decades he channeled most of his musical energy into scoring some fifty films. But the thought of those first recordings – the tapes likely disintegrating with age – persisted. They’d been heard by very few souls. He was the secret that he’d kept.

In 2023, Christopher chose several of his favorite old songs. In them, urgent adolescent need for expression often outweighed his nascent musical skills and limited musical equipment. And yet… And yet, he was sure there was something to them.

As a seasoned musician, now with a top-flight recording studio at his disposal, Christopher re-recorded the best of his teen-aged efforts. In part, it was both an act of musical archeology and one of memory retrieval. He remade the songs, largely hewing exactly to the parts and sounds used at their inception. Here and there you’ll hear a nod to the fact that time has, in fact,  moved on from 1986. Mostly he copped the licks off his younger self.

I Was The Secret That I Kept is the sound of a fully formed artist looking back some forty odd years and extending a steady hand to the amateur whose passionate innocence turned out to be the tentative steps of a lifelong journey.