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Full Album – 2022

Cartography is a boundary-crossing, genre-defying travelogue that pushes Christopher’s guitar playing and technological know-how to the limit. It is a lush, cinematic experience that explores exotic and mysterious terrain. You’ll hear African highlife gene-spliced with Canadian power prog, a gospel choir testifying in an Asian bamboo glade, LA metal moshing with a Scottish pipe band, Dayton funk via the Nile delta and many other strange hybrids.

“If a few more guitarists coaxed sounds like these out of their instruments, the history of rock and roll might have been very different.”

Nigel Lord, MusicTech Magazine

In 2021, after decades of successful work as a film composer, session guitarist and sideman, Christopher set himself a challenge. He’d realized that his work as a film composer made it too easy to “blend into the background” and allow the film’s images to dominate the proceedings. And while his last solo album, Traveller, received much critical acclaim, he likewise wondered if having lyrics and standard song forms might not also offer too many convenient places to hide.

“There’s a pleasing gentleness to Traveller that is refreshing in that it isn’t trying to be brash or limelight stealing. It’s just gently and quietly what it is. Every element of this production–sleeve design included–was done by Christopher himself and, production-wise, it almost feels like he’s been doing it in secret. It is an album of extreme subtlety.”

Nell McLeod, Sound on Sound

Christopher decided to kick out these two “crutches” and step fully into the spotlight. His skills as a composer, guitarist and technologist would be fully on display. This time, there would be nowhere to hide.

Christopher’s distinctive effects based sound has previously been heard on numerous remixes (Gwen Stefani, Roxy Music, Duran Duran), albums (Annie Lennox’s Bare) and film scores (Speak, 28 Days Later, Aeon Flux and Six Feet Under.)

“Christopher Libertino is an electric guitar wizard.”

Mikael Carllson, Music from the Movies